Much like the old MasterCard commercials, speaking at a special personal or corporate event can be “priceless.”  It is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to express your feelings about someone or something important in your life.  You won’t get a second chance, so you want to make sure you put your best foot forward the first time.

Not to worry.  When we say “priceless,” we’re not suggesting you pay an unlimited amount for our services.  In fact, when you consider the uniqueness of the occasion–and how much money is already being spent on it–we could be considered a bargain.

So, if you choose to retain The Speech Savior for your next big speaking engagement, here are the steps and some numbers to go with the winning words we provide:


  • 45-minute consultation-interview (In-person or via phone, Skype or FaceTime)
  • Approximate 600-850 word speech
  • Includes two revisions based on client input
  • Average cost of $500-1,000 + any additional fees for coaching and/or rush turn-around (personal occasions only)


  • Length of consultation-interview varies according to nature of event
  • Word count to be determined
  • Includes two revisions based on client input
  • Cost to be estimated after speech parameters are confirmed


We’re sure everything will go on as scheduled, but you can’t blame us for being careful. Just to make sure you don’t change a “yes” to a “no,” we require a 50% deposit in advance of starting the assignment. 

Once we receive your deposit, we will move quickly to schedule your 45-minute consultation-interview. Every effort will be made to accommodate your preferences in scheduling the session.


The first draft of your speech usually takes two weeks.  If you need it in less than 10 days, a to-be-determined rush fee will be charged.

A timely review–and receipt of your requested changes–is critical to the process.  We typically allow two or three days for you to get back to us with suggested edits and any questions.  That turnaround keeps us on schedule for delivering the final version in plenty of time prior to the event.


The remainder of the fee is due before the final version of your speech is sent to you. Even though our writing assignment is complete at that point, we are happy to answer any questions you direct to us via e-mail.