Speech Savior wordsmith extraordinaire Brian Redman has come a long way from his days as sports editor at Washington-Lee High School in Arlington, Va. After graduating from Northwestern University’s highly-respected Medill School of Journalism, he was a reporter at The Washington Post and a staff writer with several of D.C.’s top advertising agencies before opening Redman Communications–a full-service marketing communications firm that will soon celebrate its 30th year in business–and more recently, The Speech Savior.


Sure, we are writers by profession, having been published in magazines and newspapers while also penning all sorts of personal and professional presentations.  But what makes us good at our job is that we’re equally adept at listening.  We know the right questions to ask, and make certain we “hear” your heartfelt responses and grasp the essence of your emotions.  That’s the key to turning your thoughts into words that are as magical as they are memorable.


The prose pros at The Speech Savior have been writing the right words for print, presentation and public consumption for the better part of five decades. We started putting pen to paper in the protest-filled 70’s, survived the projected Y2K computer coding catastrophe that ushered in the new millenium and embraced the technological transformation that makes communicating in current times a “whole new ballgame.”   Suffice it to say, we’ve seen it all–and lived to write about it.


You name it; we’ve probably written–and rewritten–it.   Speeches/toasts for every member of the wedding family and party….business remarks, corporate award presentations/acceptances and motivational messages….personal occasions such as Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, graduations and landmark birthday celebrations….tributes and eulogies for those we’ve lost.  And as experts of expression, we’ve prepared promotional communications in all forms to articulate a message in a concise and compelling manner.


Asking questions and listening to/absorbing the responses of our clients is perhaps our most valuable instructional tool. We also put great strategic stock in the reaction of audiences, which tells us those words or expressions that resonate, identifies the anecdotes that seem to elicit the desired response and provides other critical insights that help us refine both our process and our future work product. Take our word for it; we’re always learning how to stay at the head of the class by finding just the right words to make your speech a Grade A success.