We’ve made our electronic connection, you’ve provided all the pertinent details and we’ve agreed on the parameters of the presentation–length, primary and secondary messages, appropriate tone and closing point, if appropriate. Now it’s time for us to put our creative and speechwriting hats on to prepare a first draft for your review. We’re pretty fast–normal turnaround time is two weeks–but we can do it faster for an additional fee.


It sometimes happens that we skip over a piece of information or anecdote that you want in the speech.  Other times we make the conscious decision to leave out something that you feel strongly should be in there.  Either way, in reviewing the first draft, we encourage you to point out the omission–and tell us if there is a certain place in the speech you feel it would work best.  This is the optimal time to speak up and voice any questions or concerns that can be addressed in the second (and final) draft.


This revised draft should be proofread for content, style, punctuation and length, since it represents the last version provided under the terms of our arrangement.  Once you have reviewed/approved it, any additional changes will be billed at an hourly rate and the timetable for completing the original assignment will be revised to reflect the work requested.


The speech is now complete and you are all set to begin rehearsing prior to the big event.  Practice often does make perfect, but if you feel you would benefit from our help, we are delighted to lend a hand for an additional fee.  We can help you feel more comfortable with your presentation, offer tips on making eye contact, using facial expressions or body language, proper cadence/timing and provide guidance on how to maximize the impact of certain key phrases.